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Colorado Draft Horse & Equipment Auction
April 23 & 24, 2021
Friday April 23, 2021 9:00 am Horse Drawn Farm Equipment followed by Wagons & Carriages ~ 2:00 pm Ranch type Saddle Horses
Sat. April 24, 2021 9:00 am Draft Horses, Crossbreds, Mules, Haflingers, Ponies, & Donkeys
This is only a partial listing of Horses, Carriages and Equipment
TERMS & CONDITIONS: CASH, CHECK (proper ID), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, 3.5% fee
Percheron Mares SOLD $8250.00 each


(Jackie & Ruby) 4 & 7 year old registered Percheron mother & daughter.
Friesian Sport Horse Gelding SOLD $22,000.00


4 year old 16.2hh Friesian Sport Horse cross gelding.
Percheron Mares SOLD $7500.00 each

(Angel & Spark) Team of 6 and 7 year old 17.hh grade Percheron mares.
Paint Geldings SOLD $8250.00 each


(Texas & Ranger) 8 & 9 year old Paint geldings full brothers.
Friesian Quarter Horse Cross Gelding SOLD $13,250.00


(Virgil) 5 year old Friesian Quarter Horse cross gelding.
Gypsy Quarter Horse Cross Gelding SOLD $15,000.00


(Rio) 6 year old dun Gypsy Quarter Horse cross gelding.
Horse Transporter

Call Marvin for a quote on transporting your horses. We have been using him for many years and he is one of the best haulers around.
Team Of Belgian Geldings SOLD $9000.00 each


(Jack & Gunner) Team of 4 & 6 year old Belgian geldings.
Percheron Geldings SOLD $3800.00 each


(Doc & Duke) Smooth mouth black Percheron geldings.
Spotted Draft/Paint Geldings, SOLD $8250.00 each


(Willy & Waylon) 11 year old 15.3hh black & white Spotted Draft/Paint geldings.
Belgian Geldings SOLD $3500.00 each


(Cy & Aidan) Team of 8 & 10 year old roan & blonde Belgian geldings.
Precheron Gelding Team SOLD $6000.00 each

(Duke & Dan) Team of 3 & 4 year old registered 16.1 & 16.2hh Percheron geldings with long tails.
Percheron Geldings SOLD $7000.00 each


(Bill & Duke) Team of smooth mouth gray Percheron geldings.
Belgian Gelding SOLD $3600.00


(Jim) (single) Smooth mouth sorrel Belgian gelding.
Team Belgian Mares SOLD $2500.00 each


(Kate & Kat) Team of 19 year old blonde Belgian mares.
Percheron Mare

(Wagon Works Dawn) 3 year old 17.hh registered Percheron mare, broke single & double. Dawn has a good disposition and is a Clear View Spirit daughter.
Molly Mule Team

Team of 12 year old Percheron molly mules used on the farm and for wagon rides. Easy to shoe, load and handle. THIS TEAM OF MULES SELL ON SATURDAY, APRIL 24.
Draft Paint Team SOLD $2000.00 each


Team of smooth mouth Paint Draft mare & gelding.
Spotted Draft Team SOLD $5000.00 each


Team of 6 & 7 year old Spotted Draft mare & gelding.
Belgian Team SOLD $3500.00 each


(Nip & Tuck) Team of 15 & 18 year sorrel Belgian geldings.
Clydesdale Gelding


(Elijah) 9 bay Clydesdale gelding used in weddings, funerals, parades and wagon rides on the farm. This is a very easy horse to get along with, to hitch and to drive. He was driven a lot with his teammate. Thats him on the right side in the team picture. THIS HORSE SELLS ON SATURDAY, APRIL 24
Percheron Mare SOLD $9000.00


(Joy) 4 year old black Percheron mare.
Percheron Team

(Em & Ed) Team of 17 & 18 year old grey Percheron mare & gelding. Em & Ed are a ranch working team that have pulled all sorts of farm equipment. Mostly used to feed cows in the winter, this team is gentle and hardworking. As you can see they have also been driven 4-Up. THIS WHEEL TEAM SELLS ON SATURDAY, APRIL 24
Percheron Gelding


Morgan/Percheron Cross Gelding SOLD $17,000.00


(Poncho) 5 year old 16.hh black Morgan/Percheron cross gelding.
Friesian/Percheron Cross Mare SOLD $6800.00

Skyview’s Rose – DOB 6-19-19 – 2 year old 15.hh black registered Friesian/Percheron cross Sport Horse mare.
Draft Cross Gelding SOLD $9750.00

(Hank) 8 year old 16.hh draft cross gelding.
Percheron/Paint Cross Mare SOLD $25,000.00


Esha, 3 year old 16.1hh Percheron/Paint cross mare.
Draft Cross Mare


(Ruby) 18 year old 16.hh red roan draft cross mare. She is sweet and the first to meet you at the gate and is sure footed, slow and easy going. You can take her camping and the kids ride her with just a halter. Loads with ease, broke to hobbles and high-line. Used for beginner lessons.
Percheron Cross Gelding SOLD $8250.00


12 year old black Percheron cross gelding.
Paint Crossbred Gelding SOLD $5500.00


(Ringo) 9 year old Paint crossbred gelding
Percheron Cross Gelding SOLD $11,000.00

(Hank) 4 yr old 16.1hh Percheron cross gelding.
Quarter Horse Team SOLD $7000.00 each


(Bear & Badger)Team of 15 & 17 year old Quarter Horse team of registered geldings.
Tennessee Walker Mare SOLD $5000.00


14 year old TW mare.
Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross Gelding SOLD $19,000.00

THIS HORSE SELLS ON SATURDAY (Ray) Super awesome 8 yr old crossbred gelding.
Friesian/Percheron Cross Gelding $15,000.00


(Stormy) 5 year old 16.1hh grey Friesian/Percheron cross gelding.
Belgian/Quarter Horse Cross Gelding SOLD $16,000.00

5 year old 15.1hh sorrel Belgian/Quarter Horse cross gelding.
Crossbred Gelding SOLD $6750.00

14 year old 15.1hh crossbred gelding.
Draft Cross Gelding SOLD $3500.00


14 year old 15.3hh 1300 lbs. draft cross gelding.
Haflinger Gelding


(Chief) 10 year old sorrel Haflinger gelding. Chief is extremely well broke to ride and drive. He will do anything you ask him to do and is easy to catch and nice to be around. THIS HORSE SELLS ON SATURDAY, APRIL 24
3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Morgan Gelding SOLD $7500.00

2 yr old 15.1hh registered 3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Morgan gelding.
Friesian/ Morgan/Percheron Cross Gelding SOLD $6500.00

4 year old 15.2hh registered black 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 Morgan, 1/4 Percheron gelding.
Quarter Horse Geldings


(Bob & Bill) Smooth mouth matching team of gray geldings broke to drive single & double. Will pull wagons all day long and handle with a loose line. 100% traffic safe and one person harness and hookup.
Haflinger Gelding SOLD $6000.00

8 year old Haflinger gelding.
Friesian Draft Cross Gelding SOLD $6750.00


4 year old Friesian draft cross gelding.
Draft Cross Gelding SOLD $11,500.00


4 year old 16.1hh draft cross gelding. traffic safe and sound. Would make an awesome carriage or beginner trail or mountain horse. Been in 1 horse manure spreader through timber and water. He will go wherever you point him.
Haflinger Mare SOLD $7500.00

12 year old palomino Haflinger mare.
Draft Cross Mare SOLD $9750.00


8 year old draft cross mare.
Belgian Hackney Cross Mares

Team of 3 & 4 year old 13.1hh bay Belgian Hackney cross mares. They are full sisters, broke to ride and drive single and double. A really quiet team that are kid broke. Kids ride them all over through timber and creeks.
Mule Team

(Korney & Kaylee) Team of 13 & 14 year old Haflinger molly mules, 14.hh 1000 lbs. broke the very best.
Quarter Horse Mare SOLD $9000.00


8 year old, registered Quarter Horse mare.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD 10,500.00

5 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $12,500.00


4 year old registered Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $8000.00


5 year old 14.hh registered Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse Mare SOLD $6750.00


14 year old 15.1hh 1300# palomino mare.
Quarter/Appaloosa Mare SOLD $10,000.00


4 year old gray Quarter/Appaloosa Mare.
AQHA Gelding SOLD $40,000.00


(Hill Country Cat) 4 year old 15.hh AQHA gelding.
Quarter Horse gelding SOLD $9750.00

8 year old Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse gelding SOLD $6750.00

6 year old Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $6200.00


Smooth Mouth buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding.0
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $7000.00


(BR Legacy Buck 50513) 6 year old 15hh golden buckskin AQHA gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $9500.00


(Doc Olenas Leo VP) 6 year old 15hh sorrel AQHA gelding.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Fancy) 14 year old registered dun Quarter Horse mare. Fancy has been used an all parts of a ranch and has raised a couple foals. Gentle for anyone. Would make an excellent brood mare.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $6000.00


5 year old 14.2hh sorrel Quarter Horse gelding.
Paint Gelding SOLD $4000.00

9 year old registered Paint gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $6500.00


(Saint) 8 year old registered Palomino Quarter Horse gelding.
Paint Gelding SOLD $1750.00


5 year old Registered Paint gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding SOLD $5750.00


8 year old Quarter Horse gelding.
Quarter Horse gelding


(Whiskey) 17 year old 16.hh big AQHA Gelding. This is your boy to get anything done! Ranch, hunting, trails, poker rides, arena riding and kids. Very light neck rein and leg ques. Loves the hill country and river. Whiskey trims, loads, ties and stands like a perfect gentleman. And will make a good partner for anyone. This is the one you don't want to miss!
Quarter Horse Mare


(Snickers) This buckskin mare stands 15.hh and weighs 1050#! She is 8 years old and by a son of Frenchmans Guy that belongs to a well known breeder, her dam was grade. She has been used for all phases of ranch work and is well broke to ride. She was a grab and go mare at calving time and shipping as well as everywhere in between. This mare knows what BIG country is and how to travel. Safe for most any rider with the basics. Snickers has always worked for a living and knows her job well. She is 100% sound and easy on the eyes.
Quarter Horse Mare


(Frosty Pine Stone) is a 15 year old registered Quarter Horse mare. She is the grand daughter of Sticks N Stones, and is a proven brood mare. She has had 2 foals. She has also been used for pleasure and trail riding. She is an easy keeper and has great blood lines for breeding as well.
Paint Gelding


(Trio) 12 year old Paint gelding, will go through most anything in the mountains. Big stout roping horse, light mouth, good neck-rein and will lead or follow other horses. Loads, ties, and is good with his feet. Super handy gelding for ranch work, roping, hunting, or trail riding.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Rosie) 3year old registered Quarter Horse mare. Broke to ride, very quiet and gentle. She has a good walk ,will cover some ground and has a nice handle. She has a nice collected loop and will move off of leg pressure. Rosie has been through lots of brush and heavy trails. She would make a good all-around horse. Rosie is sound and good for the Farrier.
Quarter Horse Mare


(Lucy) 15 year old 15.2hh Quarter Horse mare. Ranch hands look for a horse that understands the job and understands cows. Lucy has spent several years driving and doctoring cattle. Hunters and trail riders need a horse that is dependable on all terrain. You will not find terrain Lucy has not seen. Swimming river crossings, rocky and steep trails carrying either a pack or a rider. A younger rider will be confident on her and an experience riders will have found a partner.
AQHA Gelding


(Frenchmans Siena) 8 year old registered Palomino AQHA gelding. He is very athletic and could go any direction you want. He has been packed and ridden a lot in the mountains. He travels well and has a smooth ride. Crosses water and obstacles with ease.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Chip) 6 year old 15.3hh sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, kid broke but has a lot of energy. Has worked cattle on a ranch in Montana. Goes all day!
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Oke) 8 year old red roan Quarter Horse gelding, ranch raised & broke. Neck rein, handles easy, works cows in the mountains and can rope off him. Easy to catch, haul, and load. Sometimes on a cold morning he will have a hump in his back for a few minutes. I bought him for my wife who is 69 years old and he is a little more horse then she is comfortable with.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Sissy) 14 year old 15.3hh bay grade mare.Sissy was used as a grand entry mount and rodeo queen contest. Ridden everywhere by a 15 year old cowgirl.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Smokey) 12 year old 15.hh brown grade gelding. He'll go anywhere you point him. We've ponied colts from him, gathered cattle, and trail ridden him extensively.
Pony Geldings


(Tom & Tim) 5 year old team of sorrel pony geldings broke to ride & drive single & double. Nice little broke team fun to drive and ride.
Draft Pony Gelding


(Ronnie) 5 year old grade black and white draft pony gelding. Stands approximately 52”, kid broke to drive single and double also broke to ride. Been used for pony rides at the farm.
Pony Gelding


(Chico) This one of a kind 8 year old 13 hand pony is broke to ride and drive. He has been on tons of trail rides. His daily job was to haul Amish kids to school for years! He is super easy to catch, clip and shoe.
Pony Mare


(Crystal) 4 year old palomino pony mare broke to ride & drive. Sweet little mare, very calm and a real babysitter.
Buckskin Pinto Ponies

(Jack & Jill) 7 & 5 year old matched set of buckskin Pinto pony gelding & mare. Brother & sister. Green broke. THIS PONY SELLS SATURDAY, APRIL 24.
Large Pony Mare


(Sierra) 5 year old 13.hh grade mare. Beautiful little mare built like a brick. Made for Ranch kids! She can go all day long and loves the trails, roads, and mountains as well as life on the ranch. Lopes out like a full size horse. Super smooth gaits. Amish friends kids rode this little mare all year to school and back! Loves to load up in trailer and go. You don't want to miss her. I'm 150lbs and she carries me and my gear on trail rides all day.
3 Ponies


"BEAN" 11 years old and is a cute red roan color when she is shed off. Drives single, double and 3 abreast, and green broke to ride. This mare has been a project for my 14 year old daughter and has been exposed to many different things including mountain trails, feeding cattle, down town traffic, Wendy's drive through, and swimming in Bear Lake. Bean has had several colts and is a great mother. She sells as a teammate to Dusty and is 100% sound. "DUSTY" 5 year old light brown Shetland gelding drives double and 3 abreast and is green broke to ride. He is sure footed in the mountains and likes water. Dusty has been used to feed cattle everyday this spring and is traffic safe and had made several trips to Wendy's drive through. Dusty sells as a teammate with Bean and is 100% sound. "BONNIE" is a super cute 7 year old blue roan Mini mare. Bonnie drives single, double and 3 abreast, she packs and is green broke to ride. She loves being in the mountain and swimming in Bear Lake. She has been used to feed cattle everyday this spring. She is traffic safe and she too likes to visit the Wendy's drive through. Bonnie has had 1 colt and is 100% sound in every way. I
Miniature Donkey

(Jack) 10 year old miniature donkey gelding, very sweet, you can ride, and was used for livestock guardian.
Miniature Donkey

(Coco) 4 year old miniature jenny mule. Very sweet, a little stubborn, but a good companion.
Pony Gelding

(Travis) 8 year old Paint gelding approx 42 inches tall. Broke to ride and drive. Maybe not for the beginner, no bad habits been through timber trails and water.
Pony Gelding


(Cowboy) 5 year old 49 inch pony gelding that is as broke as you will find. No buck no kick or bite, good on trails, crosses water, and broke to ride and drive. Absolutely no vices.
Pony Mare

(Lady) 6 year old pony mare approx 34 inches, well broke to ride and drive. Lady does everything right, not bomb proof but does ok.
Pony Mare

(Leana) 8 year old strawberry roan pony mare broke to ride and drive. Leana has been on trail rides, crossed water, been there done that. This was my 5 year olds main pony, no vices.
Paint Pony Gelding

(Jazz) 16 year old Paint pony that rides and drives. My 4 year old has been riding him all over. A babysitter, stands 38". Trained to lay down and jump.
Paint Pony Stud

(Splash) 3 year old blue roan Paint pony stud. Rides & drives, the kids have been riding him all over through the creek and timber. Goes anywhere. A very rare opportunity to own a blue roan paint pony.
Paint Pony

(Colby) 6 year old 34" Paint pony gelding. Rides and drives, kids ride him anywhere.
Quarter Pony Cross Mare

(Frost) 15 year old gray quarter pony cross mare. She is quiet and super broke and is a good lesson horse/babysitter. She has a nice soft one-handed neck rain. Frost has been used on trails and overnight camps. She Will also work good in the arena. Frost is sound and good for the Farrier.
Haflinger Welsh Gelding


(Jerry) 17 year old Haflinger Welsh gelding approx 13 hands, rides and drives single and double. Very gentle, rides with or without bridle, real easy keeper, does not show his age.

This Vis-A-Vis was used in weddings and is in excellent condition. Carriage comes with floral decorations, tux and top hat. It has brakes and lanterns.
Fringe-top Surrey

2 Seat Surrey

Cinderella Carriage


Pony Buggy


Bird n Hand Flyer

Competition Vehicle


2013 Sierakowski & Son competition vehicle, barn stored. Excellent condition. Team and single; horse-sized.
Bird In Hand Flyer

Bird In Hand Flyer by Carriage Machine Shop, includes wood and marathon shafts, pole for pair, rear removable groom/navigator platform. Carriage lamps sold separately. Green ironwork, tan upholstery.
Cross Country /Marathon


Les Voitures Robert Cross Country /Marathon vehicle for single or pair.Includes shafts and pole.Hydraulic brakes. Green with light green pin-striping.
Jerald Fine Harness Buggy


Jerald, ROYAL CLASSIC fine harness buggy. Chrome appointments include spoke wheels, seat rail, axle, springs. Fifth wheel, velvet seat, company labeled canvas cover, shafts. Excellent show quality condition.
8 Passenger Wagonette

8 passenger wagonette, with pole & shafts.
Dr. Buggy


Extended Surrey


Extended surrey circa 1900-1910. All original except fenders and front panel replaced. Excellent condition.
One Horse Sleigh


1890-1900 Cutter With Doors


This cutter is restored and is museum quality. Comes with shafts.
Pleasure Cart

This is a nice pleasure cart with the seat and backrest re-upholstered.
Meadow-brook Cart

Road Cart


Easy Entry Cart


This easy entry cart has 3 axle height settings for various sized equine.
Meadowbrook Cart


Meadowbrook cart has been used a couple times.
Hotel Coach


This hotel coach was built by Kenny Martin, Latham Coach Works, MO Coach has 4 wide seats, storage boot, brakes, and tongue. Excellent condition.


Chuckwagon – complete with tongue and double tree, seat, water barrel, tools (axe, shovels, saw), lamp bracket, canvas cover, and large chuck box with drop-leg table.


Stagecoach sells with a custom made trailer with a winch.

4-passenger Wagonette in very good shape.
Hitch Wagon

Hitch Wagon

People Hauler


People Hauler
Pony Hitch Wagon

Box Wagon


People Hauler


Antique Collector Wagon


This antique collector wagon was dedicated to the owners, performers, and employees of the Greatest Wild West Show Ever, 1908-1916 and 1925-1931. Roy F. Kappel, Elk Creek, NE was the builder. Here is truly an opportunity to own a piece of American History.
John Deere Box Wagon


Exceptionally nice John Deere Box Wagon with very good readable lettering on the wagon.
People Hauler


Wagons Coming To Colorado

These wagons are headed for the Colorado Draft Horse & Equipment Auction held at Greeley Producers Livestock Center, 711 O Street, Greeley, CO April 23 & 24, 2021 These wagons are offered Friday April 23rd. FRIDAY April 23, 2021 9:00 am Horse Drawn Farm Equipment followed by Wagons & Carriages ~ 2:00 pm Ranch type Saddle Horses SATURDAY April 24, 2021 9:00 am Draft Horses, Crossbreds, Mules, Haflingers, Ponies, & Donkeys
Pioneer Forecart


Pioneer Forecart w/draft shafts & tongue and also regular horse size shafts. Cart is in good shape and seat and backrest have been upholstered. This russet harness also sells.
New Idea Spreader


New Idea Model #8 Manure Spreader. This spreader was completely taken apart, down to the axle bearings and rebuilt. Complete with tongue, neckyoke and doubletree.
Oliver Plow


Oliver 23B 2 way Plow with neckyoke and doubletree. Really good shape.
John Deere Van Brunt Grain Drill


JD Spreader

Grain Drill

JD Spreader

McCormick High Gear #7 Mower

John Deere Van Brunt Grain Drill