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Western Concord Stagecoach

Troyer Auctioneers, Inc

"Built by Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop serial # 599-M-02-23 June 2009 This coach was custom built for a private Winchester rifle museum/collection (Fredericks). Upon the liquidation of his estate Hansen Wheel & Wagon Works purchased the coach back and restored it in 2015. Hansen Wheel & Wagon Works used the coach for promotional exhibitions and had it on display in Las Vegas NV as well as driving it on the Deadwood Trail Reenactment. In 2019 David E. Helmuth Acquire the coach and asked to have it “tricked out” with additional options for his use as an exhibition stagecoach. This 9 passenger coach is in excellent condition and has always been well cared for. For more info please call David at: 801-725-7640 "