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1999 Custom Built Featherlite Trailer

Troyer Auctioneers, Inc

"1999 custom built Featherlite trailer. This trailer was designed and built for Budweiser and is 12’6” tall and 45’ long. All stainless steel frame and body. Rear ramp liftgate the best in the business. 15’ of space for your wagon, harnesses and equipment. Horses load in the center and also up top in the front. It also has closet space upfront for tack, harness, and clothes or you can take the harness boxes out and add two more horses. Right now it’s set up for six horses but it can be set up for eight. Lots of storage compartments. I’ve pulled a lot of trailers and this is by far the nicest trailer I’ve ever pulled. Call David at 801-725-7640 for more info. "